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Active Living Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola wants to encourage the youth to embrace a healthier, more active life-style. The company believes that an inactive teenager is simply one who hasn’t yet found a sport that makes them truly happy. Based on this insight, Tátil was invited to create a new visual identity that would connect with teens, motivating them towards a healthier life-style and thus a happier life overall.


Tátil’s approach was based on encounters with teenagers who helped unveil the universe they live in and distinguish what visual repertoire would be ideal and most relevant to them. Iconic illustrations, a vibrant color palette, in-movement imagery, and an expressive typeface invite a youthful audience to find their own path to keep on moving. Tátil also created the brand toolkit to ensure a consistent use of the new design language across varying touch points including packaging, billboards, websites and TV campaigns.

Cliente: coca-cola.